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Hey, Y'all And Yo From The South Via The North

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There are so many horrible websites out there that I find this refreshing. I love the writing style and the dedication of unpaid workers. (Thank you all for doing this.)

I am in what I refer to as a forced retirement but such is the lack of an economy. I'm enjoying beauty of the land here. I have an illusion of protection.
Riding my motorcycle has become easier since I have to deal with the hills (rode up someone's lawn early in the game here ... but have been riding on and off for 30 years).
I can answer basic motorcycle questions, despite the changes since I began riding and can handle basic computer questions.

We all live in crazy times and it's fascinating to watch and read the comments. We knew climate change was happening but then why is everyone jumping on the bandwagon about its immediacy now? I suppose it's like other things in life - wait until they hit critical mass then admit it's happening. It's just the way it is.

It's cool to see the UK here and the artsy folks. Since I lived outside NYC for years, I enjoyed the MOMA ... the Guggenheim, not so much, and the architecture (it's art) that survived.

Take care.


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You go girl! I started riding in '69 so I'm also a long time rider. I now ride a Harley Trike due to an overly agressive driver who messed my spine up but thankfully I was in a car when hit. If I had been riding, I wouldn't be here today. Enjoy your rides as much as I do mine.

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