(Connecticut) I'm Looking To Connect With Someone.

Hi, I'm Kat.

I'm looking for someone I can connect with, start off as friends and maybe branch off into something more, or just stay as friends.

I'm a Pansexual female (which basically makes me gender blind). I'm turning 21 in Oct. Im a person who is a little random. I'm transparent and am very open. I will most likely tell you anything you wanna know about me.

My plus sides:

I'm a hopeless romantic

I'm loyal

I'm understanding

I'm very laid back

My flaws:

I'm a bit lazy

I've been diagnosed with depression and anxiety

I sometimes have trouble expressing my feelings

All my flaws could get better but I am human so y'know infinitely improving and stuff.

I'm a home body, but I'm open to going out.

I do have an age preference, I prefer to date someone 19-24/25. I know age is nothing but a number but, I'd prefer to have more in common (decade wise).

I hope anyone seeing this would like to get to know me. I am from Connecticut in the Hartford/New Haven area.

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