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Introducing My Self

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hey im new to this site so start flirting with me girls xx


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Hi, I'm Allyssa. I'm new to the whole dating site concept but I figured I'd give it a shot because it's easier than having to actually go out to meet people. That can be a little nerve-racking.
Anyways, it would be nice meet someone with similar interests and if you've checked out my profile, I'd be happy to talk if I interest you. Let's just keep men completely out of the conversation.


p.s. as for the picture aspect, when I'm a bit for comfortable, I'll add one.

Linda S

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Hi Allyssa and Nawtyclaire
I too am new to this site and looking for women to chat with. I see I have had a few check my post out but no one reached out,
Bummer yes, End game NO !! I will keep plugging along, so as another newby I just wanted to reach out and say hi and welcome.
Seems like a pretty good site lots of interesting women and conversations going on. Are either of you anywhere near San Diego?
Ok so that's it for me, hit me up sometime. Later


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Hi, it's nice to meet you. Unfortunately, I'm in Vancouver, so it's a little ways from San Diego.


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Hi to everyone!
I have been on site for a couple weeks now. Still exploring all there Is to see and do here. I am in the Harrisburg area, Pa. I saw some nice and interesting women on this site, wrote to a couple but not one has responded yet...oh well, people are busy. Have fun, as Ellen always says......be kind to one another, :thumbsup:


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Hey, I'm in Harrisburg too. What sites have you seen so far?

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