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Grace Doyen

(Virginia) Well Hello There :)

I'm at a tumultuous time in my life. I've just come from a lot of really difficult times, and they're not over yet (are they ever?) but I am feeling happy and hopeful and optimistic - and lucky.

I am looking for "a special someone" - my idea of what that means is probably a lot different from the majority. But that's ok - I like being different. 

I am: Bisexual, Female, Poly, Pagan, Furry, Mom, Sister, Friend, Lover, Pet, Puppy, Musician, Cam Girl, etc. I am a lot of things. I am looking for someone who is not only ok with that, but celebrates the fact.

I am looking for: Sharing of life goals, a Best Friend, Laid back and easy going, Poly (or genuinely fine with a poly partner), loves kids and wants one or more, Live-in kind of partner. I know that seems like a lot, but I have a large Tribe. I love dating people who are quiet and calm. I love dating people who love the adventure of going out together - whether we are there with each other or with someone else. I don't believe that any one person can satisfy all of another person's needs and desires, and I'm not looking for that. I have a boyfriend and a few people I play with - but most of those people are friends, and go home to someone else. And my boyfriend does not live with me only, he splits his time with me and his other girlfriend. I do love them all, but I would like someone to come home to the majority of the time. I'm looking for a partner who doesn't mind if I'm gone once or twice a week, or who is gone once or twice a week themselves! I am looking for someone like this who still wants to do all the Big Things together - live together, have a kid together, and when the states all eventually allow - maybe even get married.

And for the record, I don't care what that Person identifies as - Lesbian, butch/femme, trans, Queer, Bi, etc. I do like men too, but I've had more relationships with men than women, and I'd like give more of an opportunity to see if maybe that special Person is female-identified.

Now, I know very well that I won't meet such a person on the first date. Or after dating a dozen different people. Or perhaps I will never meet anyone like this in my life. But I'm still looking forward to all the great people I'll meet along the way, and it's very possible these goals could be completely different in five years, or ten or twenty. I've learned those lessons well. I'm just trying a more direct approach this time, and hoping to find what I'm looking for in a partner, and if not I'll enjoy the friends I'll make along the way. 

Have a great night!

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