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Hi From Western Pa

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I am 48 and I am just looking for someone I can hang out with occasionally without worry where it might or might not go. I am very new to the dating scene as I was in a relationship for 14 yrs that just kind of slowly dissolved as we found our paths parting. It was not my choice to end it but things happen and with her deciding that she needed a new lease on life and me more focused on my small business we parted on good terms. I can say we are friends but there isn't anything more than that.

I am owned by three ferrets that I travel with to an annual pet conference that is held in a different place each year, this year it's in Nashville, TN. My small business is making ferret clothing which I sell on Etsy and a weekly FB auction to help ferret shelters around the world.

My ferrets are my life and if they could be considered my emotional support animals I would love it as I am an introvert that has a very hard time talking to the public but with one of my furbabies in my hands I can talk to just about anyone.

I am large chested and HATED them until I started going to Renaissance Faires which helped me to accept the cleavage I was given naturally. I envy you C cup girls. My hair color changes shades frequently but my natural color is salt with a smattering of pepper.

My son made me a Grandma in August and lives on the West Coast. She is the most precious thing and I can't wait to make a trip out there to hold her.

I am into reading Fantasy and some Sci-Fi love to do research and have the books to prove it. Love writing although I have nothing published other than my blog posts on my blog that is can of on hold at the moment.

The best way I can describe myself is the caterpillar trying to become a butterfly without the cocoon.
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