Plumb Alley Day, Thursday Jams, And Other Local Fests

It's Plumb Alley Day, and the city is thronged with people! What started out as a local city yard sale now attracts people from all over the region, lasts all day, and is officially a Big Deal. I go to the Friends of the Library exhibit, buy some books (b/c I really need more books, lol), and escape the maddening crowd asap. If you get tired of THIS fest, you can hop on over to the Howling, also scheduled for today, featuring yet more vendors, live music, food, and the real draw-samples of craft-brewed beers from micro-breweries in Abingdon and nearby towns. 

These are the first summer Fests. These will be more to follow. Abingdon has a LOT of Fests. It's also a great town if you love live music. The town sponsors Music on The Lawn from the beginning of April through the end of May. That features a two hour concert every Sunday afternoon with a different band. Every year there's a unique theme. One year it was Classical. This year it was Jazz. Then there are the Thursday Jams, also sponsored by the town. They start in late May, last about three hours, and feature two acts. Usually one is local or localish and the other is more wide-known. These groups are Alt-rock/Americana in flavor and often have the crowd dancing. The events are free. As I live in the Historic District, I cam easily walk to all of this. Lucky me!

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