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Spicy Nigerian Okro soup! IT's mostly locavore fare and contains: okra, beet greens, tomatoes, onions, garlic, ginger, tumeric, serrano pepper, and shredded anchovies. My landlord asked if I were TRYING to make a soup that everyone would hate! Lol....I like it, though, and that's what counts!


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Alice's Pig

Now, for a little something different for dessert: mascarpone-stuffed apricots! I took plump dried apricots, halved them,  and stuffed them with mascarpone cheese. Then I rolled them in chopped pistachios and finished them with a drizzle of sorghum and a sprinkle of flaked sea salt. These are just too good! I ate them all and am having to restrain myself from making more....luckily there's always tomorrow! :) Plus, I have a great new dish to serve at my next dinner party!


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