The Light Inside is Broken, but I still work

Life, since last Monday, has taken everything away from me.

My mom asked why I was an atheist. And I do my best to explain, but she's convinced that I'm just a struggling Christian and now thinks I'm an immoral person who's going to burn in hell. Wait til she learns that I'm a pansexual/bicurious demi person. And that I love dressing like a man because I just don't see myself as a woman.

I can't take leave (I'm in the Navy) until I have these psych evals done, and I've no idea when that'll happen.

I cheated on a relationship that almost made it to a year because I (still) feel dead on the inside because of the crippling depression I have (that's why I need a psych eval(s)). And, maybe this next part shouldn't be posted, but for the first time in 4 years, I picked up a razor and cut an "A" into my chest.

Right now, I'm wondering when the misery will end for me.

Yes I cheated, but I didn't lie about it. Yes I'm broken, but I'm still breathing.

The light inside is broken, but I still work.

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