Regarding Member Photos: Has Anyone Disappeared?

Hey there.  We experienced a wee crisis several days ago when we realized we were nearing the maximum capacity allowed for member-uploaded headshots within our then (now previous) photo storage system.  That system was easier to program, but not as efficient as it apparently will need to be now.  We didn't imagine the previous system would approach capacity anytime soon if ever . . . but then it did!

This is a "good" problem in that it means membership has been growing steadily.  However, it was still an actual problem in that it still required some actual fixing.

We doubt anyone is interested in the technical details above and beyond that.  So why are we telling you this at all?

The new system required us to change quite a few internal links.  We did our best, but it's very difficult to make any larger scale website change involving internal links without a few going wonky on you.

So it's possible some of the member photos will seem to have "disappeared" / display a broken link graphic.  If you see any, please let us know.  Just to be super duper clear here to avoid any potential confusion, we don't mean the placeholder graphic that displays when the member has not uploaded a headshot:




. . . we mean something that looks more like this, an error graphic:




It could look similar, just NOT the placeholder graphic with the little grayed-out head, it'd be something else, depending on your browser.

So if you happen across one of those, either on the board or in your Search Results, please don't post about the error directly on the board (that won't make sense for future readers) and please don't privately message other members for no reason other than JUST to tell them their headshot "disappeared" (because they may not know why and may feel confused).

Please instead just privately message us, the site admins, by clicking on and/or hovering over (depending on your browser) the name "lesbotronic," either above or to the left of this post (again, depending on your browser).  Then look for the message icon.  You can message us directly and privately that way, just like any other member.

In your message please let us know either the member name of the person with the missing photo if that's in your Search Results, or if it's a photo on the board, please message us the URL.  And then we'll fix that as soon as we can.

Cheers, thanks a lot!

. . . 

p.s.  Right after posting this one member inquired if this meant it would be helpful if she avoided uploading any photos in the future.  NOOOOO, please do NOT come to that conclusion.  We appreciate the consideration, but that would only be helpful if we had NOT actually bothered to fix the problem.  

Since we DID actually bother to fix the problem, we DO really and truly want you to CONTINUE uploading photos. Please continue uploading photos!  Go for it!  :)

The newer system can handle MANY times more photos than have been uploaded as of this typing, so we're about as certain as we can be that we've fixed the problem for the conceivable future.

. . .

p.p.s.  And then another member inquired if this impacted her privacy at all.  No, nothing about this photo process has compromised member privacy in any way.  This update doesn't really have anything to do with privacy at all, actually, but we're happy to reassure everyone that this site is still as private as it could possibly be and still function over the internet.  

Meanwhile, more info on privacy is always available in the Guidelines, but short answer = we have not and will not change the site in any way that would compromise member privacy as already described in extensive detail in the Guidelines.  :)

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