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Help Topics

  1. If I'm accepted for the personals, why am I not ALREADY logged in to this board?

    . . . because I came here after logging in to the personals with my entrance key, and I'm confused now.

  2. How Can I Participate on the Board and/or Get Access to the Members Only Areas?

    How to register, get a username and password, participate, etc.

  3. Why does lesbotronic seem a bit complicated at first?

    (but really, it just requires a tiny bit of reading to understand)

  4. Why can't I access member profiles?

    Why, for the love of God, WHY?

  5. What are the different access levels inside the board?

    (again, inside the board ONLY)

  6. What are the 4 levels of access for both personals and board?

    (across the personals AND this board)

  7. WHY do you have to be in the personals first to sign up for the board?

    (this is different than the way we did it previously)

  8. Why don't you just make this WHOLE board Members Only and thus more private?

    (Wouldn't that be easier?)

  9. I know the personals is private, but will my email address in my board profile lead to spam if I post in the Public Area?

    (Shorter Answer: NO.)

  10. I don't want a "personals" profile, because I'm not looking for new partners right now.

    But I do want to post on this board. What do I do?

  11. Logging In and Out

    How to log in and out from the board, how to remain anonymous and not be shown on the active users list and what to do if you forget your password.

  12. Your Settings

    Adding a photo, board settings, languages and style choices.

  13. Topics and Forums

    A guide to forums, topics, posts and polls.

  14. Posting

    A guide to the features available when posting or sending messages. Including the post editor, polls and attachments.

  15. Searching

    How to use the search feature.

  16. Contacting the staff

    Where to find a list of the board moderators and administrators.