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Help Topic: Why does lesbotronic seem a bit complicated at first?

WHY we are a wee more complicated than most "personal style" sites (meeting new people you don't already know, not JUST chatting with those you do) is that you can participate more privately.

You CAN have a personals profile AND meet others on the board AND have NONE of your details published out there for everyone else on the internet.

That's different from most "personals style" sites, where member profiles are always published out there for everyone else on the internet.

We give you choices, including more privacy.

A site with NO privacy and NO choice is good for only ONE reason: Not complicated.

Meanwhile, since you DO have privacy options here, it's necessarily a wee more complicated.

After personals acceptance, you can just stay there. Personals only is the default option. We don't assume you want more access unless you say so.

But we have other stuff too, for those that want more access.

There are 2 separate areas of the site: the personals, and this board. There are 4 levels of access.