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Help Topic: WHY do you have to be in the personals first to sign up for the board?

Once upon a time, we did grant posting access to the board without a personals profile, and allowed "auto-registration." That means we had ZERO requirements and didn't have to bother activating accounts one-by-one and by hand. Less work on our end!

But, once this site became popular, auto-registration attracted way too many complete and total wankers and spammers. No can do, asshats.

So next, we required a personal introduction via email before granting access to the board. We'd read, say yay or nay regarding probable appropriateness, then activate.

That did solve the asshat problem. But eventually, we noticed that hardly anyone who only wanted access to the board (not the personals too) ever actually posted anything interesting. BORING!

Meanwhile, cool members posting interesting stuff on the board almost always DID have a personals profile.

So now, you have to have a personals profile active first. But why not? It's easy and fun.