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Help Topic: Why don't you just make this WHOLE board Members Only and thus more private?

Short Answer: Yeah, WAY easier. And, depending on how things go in the future, we can't guarantee we won't eventually have to limit it like that.

Longer Answer: We considered that, very seriously. It would dramatically ease our workload, because it would make us much less attractive to spammers, thus dramatically reducing the time-consuming screening required to hose them off.

However, we also know it's valuable to keep space available where members CAN post things that ARE publicly accessible, meaning on this site that's:
- reasonably well-known to a lot of queer people
- gets a reasonable amount of traffic
- a way to reach people NOT already within your "social network"

Sometimes you DO want as many people as possible to read something you have to say.

In addition to all the other conversations, some have used the Public Area to post stuff of interest to queer women / genderqueer / trans folk, like marches, gatherings, conferences, parades, restaurants or bars or other businesses that are queer-friendly, worthwhile media, political stuff, calls to action, a lesbian/queer/LGBTQI group someone would like to get going in their geographic area, etc. (That's not a comprehensive list, just examples.)

And we see from our logs that many read those posts, including non-members. We think maintaining that space is service to our community, even those that don't register with us.

While our need to keep our lives tolerable on the spam-battling front means you DO have to be a member to post, any member can post something in the Public Area, which anyone else on the internet can read.

Again, the only thing members need to remember is that the Public Area is just that. PUBLIC. Meaning, accessible to everyone else on the internet.

The Members Only area is just for members. If you want to post something NOT for everyone else on the internet, ONLY other members, you'll want to post in the Members Only area.