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Help Topic: I know the personals is private, but will my email address in my board profile lead to spam if I post in the Public Area?

Longer Answer: NO.

What you SHOULD do to avoid spam is avoid typing your email address into a post placed in the Public Area: "Hi, my name is XYZ, and my email address for anyone that wants to contact me is XYZ@IAmNotPayingAttention.com."

If you just avoid doing that one little thing, then you're golden on spam avoidance. Well, anything from THIS site, anyway.

(HOPEFULLY COMMON SENSE DISCLAIMER: Most email addresses get spam, eventually. Lesbotronic cannot protect you FROM spam from OTHER sources, since we're not in charge of all other humans everywhere else on the internet. We just won't CAUSE you to receive spam. Please note the essential difference there.

Most email spam these days seems to originate from email worms. That means it might not even be related to anything you intentionally signed up for on any website. No, we can't stop any worms, since we didn't start them in the first place. We also don't know who did, and likely they wouldn't listen to us anyway if we somehow did know and instructed them that we'd prefer they stop behaving so badly. Ahem. Thanks.)