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Help Topic: I don't want a "personals" profile, because I'm not looking for new partners right now.

We continue to use the word "personals" within lesbotronic, because it's become such a part of our cultural lexicon that it seems necessary, so people know we mean connecting with new people you don't already know, not JUST chatting with those you already do.

But meanwhile, many already use OUR "personals" to look for just platonic friends, activity partners, etc. We already have that as a popular category within our personals, "I'm completely partnered and/or just not looking for new sexual relationships right now; I'm currently looking for new NON-sexual connections ONLY."

And a lot of women are already doing that within our "personals," and we hope a lot more will in the future. Talking to other peeps with important stuff in common and making new friends is cool even if you're not looking for a new sexy hook-up right NOW . . . right?

So anyway, that does still mean you will need a personals profile before you can post on this board. But hey, it's easy and fun so . . . why not?