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Help Topic: Why can't I access member profiles?

This is the member discussion board.

The Public Area allows current members to collectively discuss stuff with other members not (necessarily) in their search results.

Members can also post stuff that may be seen by NON-members, but more privately, where the rest of the internet can't see their profile, or anything else they didn't want posted publicly.

f you're a member, you can only see member profiles via your Automatic Login Link, the one you were sent privately via email.

Non-members can't see member profiles at ALL, unless/until they sign up. (This service is much more private than most.) If you want to sign up, you can do so HERE.

If you are already a member wanting more member profiles, you can edit your own profile so it:

1) includes a larger demographic

2) adds one or more other cities

3) joins one or more Groups (and then post in the Groups area of the board too)

4) adds the Everywhere option