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Help Topic: How Can I Participate on the Board and/or Get Access to the Members Only Areas?

Posting anywhere on this board and access to Members Only is ONLY for personals members. If you don't already have a personals profile active, you can create one, starting here:


then, IF that profile is approved and AFTER that profile is approved, you can also post on this board.

Posting access to this board is now by INVITATION ONLY.

(Even though we previously made it excruciatingly clear that admin approval
was required for posting acceptance on this board,
we were still getting an AVALANCHE of asshat registrations.
It was too time-consuming to weed through them all,
looking for legitimate members, so we're trying this instead.)

But NO WORRIES, this will still be easy for legitimate members.
All you have to do to get an invitation is:

Have a personals profile active FIRST.

Email us at: webmistresses at lesbotronic dot com,
tell us you'd like to be on the board too.
(You need to do that via responding to an email,
or otherwise FROM the same email address you used with us.)

Wait for us to reply.
(Just adding THREE because this is not an autoresponder, a human will respond.)

Thanks, and sorry for any slight inconvenience to legitimate members.