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Location-Location-Location Relationships

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G'Day, am newbie and very happy to see and meet all of you,"ET" home.

What is your take on meeting someone outside your own enviornment?

Does it have a minor or major impact on you?

Example:In my 40's went to SF,loved the people and the energy,however could not find a parking place so I left the area.

Being from the South, elbow room is a god given right . Driving back to my area i imagined after retirement i could always purchase apt./condo, give up my vehicle,and give up my birth envoirnment . Have you NOT wanted to meet someone because of where they live now that your " older and wiser"?

Is anyone traveling around going to see friends and lover(s) on a steady


thks for reading this, just wanted to flap my fingers

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In my 40's went to SF,loved the people and the energy,however could not find a parking place so I left the area.

That's funny. Not that you left the area, but the way you phrased that, it sounds like you were driving around looking for a space the entire time you were there. Literally.

But in terms of your question, I think it would depend on the nature of the relationship - how "serious" a relationship you were seeking and whether or not either of you were willing to relocate. Some women want to relocate and/or are looking for a good excuse to leave where they are right now. Others just might not mind relocating if they had a good reason. Meanwhile, different women are attached to their geographic location emotionally and/or have family and/or an unusual job they don't feel they could leave. Different women, different situations.

Personally, and while I know many women do manage it, I wouldn't pursue a serious relationship with someone who lived farther than I could drive and back in a day unless one of us was willing to cheerfully relocate if the relationship eventually merited that. I don't think a more permanent situation involving a serious but geographically-long-distance relationship would be the road to happiness . . . more like the road to feeling lonely and frustrated. YMMV.

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thks, you are correct spent much time trying to park. For me, one can

make friends all over the world via web. As a business owner, networking is

a must, so why shouldn't we (lesbo tribe) do this ? Yesterday read a post by Ala gal, who is in college wildlife photo artist ,exactly what is needed for my

project. Of course love,passion,etc: is important but smart enough to know it finds us more often when we are not looking. I admire anyone who will get up and move to a new location for love or whatever, use to do it all the time in younger days. Know this, if you are going to look for relationships outside your area best have extra money. Have found out it is difficult to combine someone who has been around the block vs someone who hasn't. You could end up feeling like your on another planet.Hopefully others will drop in and put more spin on this subject. What if your not looking for

some long term relationship,what if you can go anywhere, doesn't that

open up a world of posibilities? Question is, would or should anyone risk meeting others who are outside their own local and envoirnment ? Me

wonders if you are not correct in staying close to home,  but why ?

what keeps you close to your local? Can you not keep family and friends

in your heart no matter where you go ? Ok , i'll hush, can talk a lamp post

dark- thks for responding, am firm believer in "different strokes for different


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Um . . . . WELL.

I think perhaps you misunderstood me on the long-distance thing. In that what I said was implicitly intended to suggest that I might consider ANY sort of relationship OTHER than a primary/spousal thing with whoever at whatever range. Meaning that, geography is a serious issue mostly (in my mind) for certain relationships, less for others.

Making friends and networking all over is a great thing. I applaud many contacts and diversity. I guess I somehow (?) thought you were talking about serious relationships. ???

Geography is a real issue, but not a crippling one. The real issues in any relationship(s) are desire and commitment.

For instance, I've maintained an emotional and email/phone connection to a few folks I've not seen in several years that now live across the continent from me. I still feel a real connection to those folks. On the other hand, I've met some folks locally, kinda sorta decided they were my friends, and then we seemed to mutually lose interest and connection, even though we lived really near one another, and seeing each other face-to-face would not have been at all difficult. That was kinda crappy. Yet on yet another hand, I now have new local friends with whom I DO keep in touch with locally. And that's really fabulous too.

Who are my "real" friends? I'd say the folks that bothered to keep in touch with me long-distance. But we all need local friends too, or we may not survive socially.

I'd say that wherever you can find friends and feel good about it . . . is a fine thing.

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Ramona said:

wherever you can find friends and feel good about it . . . is a fine thing.

Good advice, Ramona. I have always found friends and lovers online and made real connections that way - through common interests and a lot of typing, and eventually meeting in person, when travel plans allow. I'm locked into place now, but I still like meeting ppl from all over. 

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I have some virtual friends who I meet on a regular basis, have "known" for years, and consider part of my support network.  In some ways they are closer than folks I know IRL casually. I welcome meeting new people in whatev venue. Interesting folks are interesting, wherever they are found, right?

That being said, I would find it difficult attempting to pursue an LDR where I had to travel. You see, I'm one of those odd individuals WHO DON'T DRIVE. In my case, the reason is medical. And since I live in small rural town far from an airport, bus terminal, OR  Amtrak, this means that my options for getting from point A to point B are limited indeed. (Rumor has it that we DO now have an Uber/Lyft driver here, but I haven't verified this.)

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