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DFW Tx Lesbian Hang Outs

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Sue Ellen's is a upscale bar with dancing down stairs and live music upstairs and big over stuffed sofa's in the Lipstick lounge area, think industrial sleek.

Cherry's is a dive bar, mostly the old school crowd

DFW Tx Dark Dungeon Social Club meets the second Saturday and is pro LGBT for some good old fashioned BDSM fun at a private 7500 sq ft Dungeon. 


Mable Peabody's Beauty Parlor & Chainsaw Repair is a dive bar but one that has great live music.

Fort Worth

Best Friends is a dive bar that is mixed company, but usually the lesbians take it over

Rainbow Lounge is a dive bar that is mixed company, but usually the guy's take it over and it is a bit cramped.

So do you have any fun places in Dallas/Fort Worth that you like to hang out at?


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Wow....see I think Sues, since its renovations has become the young scene.....not since Buddies has there been a great lesbian bar......but Best Friends is not a dive....one of my fav bars.great atmosphere, good DJ, great drinks and really a friendly place....and yes the lesbians have taken that bar over...why?? casue there really isn't a friendly lesbian bar anymore........Mables...well its just a college town old bar......can be fun if you bring your own group with you....but it is decent......Eden Lounge that just opened up in Deep Ellum is ok...brand new and trying to find its place both in Deep Ellum and the lesbian scene...nice though........and the str8 bars are really ok with lesbians as well.....there is a lot here.....

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Eden didn't last long. Now, we have just Sue Ellen's again.

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Fun place to dance :) 

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I've never been to a gay bar in Dallas for some reason. I lived in Austin for quite a few years back when lesbian bars existed there. The last time I checked I found lesbian bars only in Dallas and Houston. I'm older, 61, so I remember the days of true lesbian bars around Texas. These days I have no idea where to go to meet lesbians of any age. Times have indeed changed, and I guess that's why I'm on this website. 

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