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Would lesbians date bisexual women?


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(These words replace this thread-originating post authored by a now no longer active member --- regarding concern lesbians are uninterested in dating bisexual women due to concern the bisexual will leave the lesbian for a straight man.)

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Being stereotyped sucks. I hate when people assume my intentions and behavior incorrectly just because I fit a label. I'm sorry you've had so bad experiences with partners stereotyping you.

I'm lesbian and I would date a straight woman if she'd try me out. It's probably foolish of me to do so as my chances of a long term relationship with her is low and the chances of her experimenting with me high. However, maybe I'll just be the absolutely right one and she'll make an exception for me or maybe she realizes she is actually bisexual and not straight.

I think everyone has the potential to fall in love with someone else, regardless of sexual orientation. We don't live in a time where, in general, people are obligated to be together outside of their love for each other. So it is a valid fear that someone will leave but it's a risk one has to take to be able to enjoy the pleasures of love.

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Lili1632 said:

Questions: Would lesbians date bisexual women? Would you date a bisexual women that has had relationships with men?

Welcome Lili, I can't speak to your experience, but regarding your specific questions, yes, some lesbians absolutely would date bisexual women (I did, in my early twenties); and in answer to your second question, I no longer do nor ever would again. But I think there's someone out there for everyone.

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yes, being lesbian means you have a strong passion and great sensations and deep feelings for women like you , so it's normal to date a lesbian woman who has a failed experience with a man . in first order to console, and then why not be serious relationship . this is my only humble opinion

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As someone that is going from CIS male to Trans female, I've been fortunate enough to have met quite a few bi ladies as well as lesbian ladies, actually gotten quite close to a lady that used to date men but now only dates women.

I would say as a general rule from a trans woman's perspective, there is actually very little difference between you bi ladies and lez ladies, only real difference is the bi ladies don't have that hang up with us not being post op, where most times lez women even if they like us in other ways can't get past the fact that we not fully female.

Exceptions to all rules of course.

I would also say and no proof of this except from the people I've met over time, Bi women tend to be more loyal than either straight or Lez women are, for the simple fact they are expected to cheat with the opposite gender, so they tend to go out their way to prove they've not done it.

And at end of the day, a cheat is a cheat, doesn't matter what their gender or sexuality is, and no point in worrying about it, as no matter how much you watch them, check up on them, if they going to cheat, they will find a way to do it.

So if you like someone, go for it, have fun and enjoy it for however long it may last :).

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My first ever relationship was with a bi woman. It ended terribly, with her using me to get her ex fiance jealous - in hindsight I should've known better xD
Fast forward a bit and she's now mostly dating women and still has one night stands with men.
Did that ruin my view for all bisexuals? Hell naw. 
Have I dated a bisexual woman since? Not yet ... I actually haven't met a bi woman since. But I'm still open to that idea c: 

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"Should (would/could) lesbians date bisexual women?" (click here)

Currently, essentially this same board discussion topic exists in several different threads, and since we think this duplication is too confusing for anyone new, we're finding the duplicates, posting this link on all of those, then herding future discussion on this topic to one unified thread as well.  

So again, if you do want to comment on, "Should (would/could) lesbians date bisexual women?" you STILL CAN, but you should click that link, and continue there instead, thanks!

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