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Would you date a single mom?


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Well it's just a stereotypical mindset for some womyn. Some people have been programmed to think womyn who have children are not truly gay because they assume that you were physically intimate with a man (Very narrow thinking by the way).  Even if the womyn has a donor and choose to give birth, sadly, it is still looked upon ( with narrow minded people... men and women or womyn) as Tabo . 

The other preconception is some Studs just simply don't want to compete with a womyn who is raising a child while trying to build a relation with her because the child comes first not the relationship. That can be challenging for both the parent and the person on the receiving end. Think about it...If you didn't have kids and you met a womyn whom you'd like to build a relation with but she had a child that was dependent upon her, there would be limited quality time for you to build that relationship and it can get frustrating for you over time because you began to feel left out or neglected. 

Then there's the ones who just don't want to be responsible or can't tolerate small children period! 

So my advice to you is to find someone who enjoys kids.  Yes it can be a challenge because there is a smaller audience that welcomes kids but they do exist!  I hope that helps!  



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I think people are always uncomfortable when they can't pigeon hole someone. That's why its so pointless to try and fit in. They beauty of a person is their diversity in relation to you yet it is also the basis of discrimination. We should support a woman's right to choose to be a mother or not.

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On the face of it, it's a "yes". But there are so many other factors to consider that a yes/no doesn't quite cut it. The other woman might just not like children (fair enough), you & the other woman might have entirely different ideas on "how" to best raise a child, she will always come 2nd in your life to your child (which is only right as a parent, but it's still a consideration for her), she might have had one or more bad experiences dating other women with children & has decided to not have that added complication....& so forth.

I believe, though, that there are plenty of women who wouldn't give it a thought. Maybe place an ad in your local paper saying you're looking to meet with other lesbian parents for play-dates? At least you'll have a welcoming group to talk about it with & you might just run across another single mum.

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A PS: to my original post. I LURVE children, especially infants & toddlers, but really all children as they are unique and very interesting. My mother's sister (my aunt) in NJ was a homemaker who raised her own children and then went on to offer care for babies. She turned a spare room into a baby room and took on 4 at a time. She had a waiting list because Aunt Bertha was THE perfect, perfect aunt, mother, carer, loving, wonderful woman. Some people just have that affinity for youngsters.

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