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Tattoos and piercings?

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I have my ears pierced twice on each side and my cartilage on one side. I want to get a barbell on the opposite side. I have 2 tattoos. One is a fairie on my chest. The other one is a cross on the back of my right shoulder... My mom, my kids, and I all got tats at the same time as a tribute to my uncle... I would love to get a lot more tattoos...

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I don't usually show her off. She's almost always covered. You can only see the top part of her wings, if even that if I have a normal scoop neck shirt on. 

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I got a new tat for my birthday this year... My daughter and I are getting matching tats in Feb in lieu of exchanging gifts this Christmas. I booked our appt, did our consult, and put down our deposit a couple of weeks ago when I was in MN. We're really excited about it...

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EvexEve said:

I’d like to get my septum pierced but I can’t decide if it will be a “look” I like on myself or just one I like on someone else.....

If you are hesitant, I would suggest getting a fake one and wear it around a bit, just to see if you like the way it looks on you.

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Some awesome tats being shown!

Currently I have two tattoos - a Scooby which was my first and happened around my birthday, which coincided with the release of the first live action film and an Agent 66 which is one point my online moniker and a reference to the show Get Smart.

The funny thing is - I hate needles. That was the reason I got the Scooby tattoo in the first place, was to overcome that fear. Kinda worked. Like I'm not afraid of getting a tattoo. A flu shot on the other hand...lol

I've gone back and forth on getting a music tattoo. My original idea was the opening lines of In the Flesh, with the ensembles I played in and the years I played, but that whole needle thing came up. After a few years, I decided to go with a musical term that not only represented my main instrument, but myself and never got it.

Then earlier this year, a former co-worker happened to work as a tattoo artist on the side and I came up with the idea of just getting a trumpet done and....then the guy quit and then I quit. That was supposed to be my 40th birthday tattoo and it didn't happen. IF we ever get out of quarantine, I guess I could do it this year for my 41st.

And I don't know how I feel about piercings. My ears were/have been pierced and a few times in high school and college, I wanted to get a third piercing, but that whole needle. I literally watched a 3 year old get hers pierced and said, "nope" when she started crying.

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