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Age is a number... Attitude is key so is respect.


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I realized soon I will be 48 but look and act like I am in my late thirties. I have always found that when younger I was called an old soul. Now I am considered to young to date by my peers. Why can't some women just get to know a woman without worrying about age? Grant it they should be of legal age.. lol

I  enjoy women for who they are and how they handle themselves by having inner and outter respect. You can be sexy as hell and have a poor attitude and women should walk away. Reality we date them and make excuses.  Me I love to find the wall flowers and help them bloom. Sometimes we forget age is a number atitude is what we show and respect is what we give to those we know. 


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I totally agree with Katness,and my vast experience in the dating world certainly taught me how,incredibly, important it is to look BEYOND the surface when considering a partnership,not just romantically,but also platonically.

Unfortunately,I've dated gorgeous women with terrible attitudes as Katness pointed out in her post,and I, foolishly,made excuses for trying to make sense of their rudeness and terrible social skills.The good news is that I learned from those experiences.

I've always known that physical beauty should never be the principal attribute used to choose a partner,and I never have,but I think my transparency in admitting that I've ,unfortunately,experienced dates and partnerships with attractive but hateful women,is in keeping with Katness's post,and I hope my honesty will help as many of my Lesbian Sisters,as possible,to remember how important it is to look beyond the surface.Do the very best you can,to fall for the complete woman,a BEAUTIFUL SOUL ,especially from within.

I must also note,most importantly,that I am much,much older now,and it's very true that AGE is just a number,but I must say that with aging and maturity came an abundance of WISDOM for me,as well.I am happier now than I've ever been in my life.___CHEERS TO WITH AGE COMES WISDOM!!!

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