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How to purchase Hormones from verified sources.

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Hi everyone,

Hoping this the correct place to put this but am sure the mods will move it if not, but here goes :).

As a M2F TS, over the years I've tried to help other other Tgirls find a way to self medicate as well as CiS Ladies going through menopause that can't get HRT help from their doctors.

I have recently ordered from the following two places with no problems at all, I thought I would pass along the info to you all.

The first place is InHouse Pharmacy, many of you will have heard of them by word of mouth over the years, I can confirm they are still going strong though are a little more expensive these days.

InHouse Pharmacy

Unfortunately they don't take paypal, but over the years I've not had any trouble with their other payment methods.

The 2nd place I recently dealt with is called Shes A Lady.

I stumbled across them by searching google for "Estrofem 2mg"

They are based in Portugal, one of the few European countries that don't need a prescription to prescribe hormones and other such medications.

So I contacted them regarding buying some Estrofem, and the lady replied by email very quickly, told me how much postage would be per package, and how much a package would hold to make it as economical as possible for me, 

So once we finalised what I wanted, she asked for my paypal email address to send me an invoice to for payment.

and that was that.

I had the delivery from Portugal to the UK in under 2 weeks.

shesalady UK

(EDITED BY ADMIN:  That above website is off right now.  We have no way of knowing for how long and/or if it's coming back anytime soon, but as we've already received complaints about the dead link and it's definitely not loading now, we're delinking.  If someone else wants to search engine those words and later determines the site is back on, feel free to message us, thanks.)

I would also like to state the following from my research into hormones for those who like myself want to take the risk of self medicating.

Though Estrofem 2mg main ingredient is Estradiol, don't be fooled into looking for Estradiol hormones thinking they are the same thing, though they are cheaper than the Estrofem to buy, the compound is different and a lot of people are not able to tolerate them the same a they do Estrofem.

Also taking more is not always better, start on a low dosage and maintain it, make sure your body can handle them, plus your mind too, mood swings can be bad at times.

I stuck to Estrofem 2mg daily since June 25th 2016, and as you can see by my profile picture breasts are starting to form.

I hope that helps some of you out in some way.

All the best

Lesley xxx


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Gotta say.   they look very nice....

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parrkp said:

Gotta say.   they look very nice....

You're going to have me blushing

Thank you for the compliment


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avery shallot

ty for this resource ! I've had good luck with AllDayChemist personally in terms of ease of payment with bitcoin and like, price and shipping. The only really worthwhile things they offer for DIY transfeminine HRT are estradiol (valerate, not hemihydrate sadly) tablets, estradiol patches, and spiro and cypro as antiandrogenrs. Not the best selection. Have heard sketchy things about their non bitcoin payment processing methods too

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