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Religious Holidays/Non-Religious Folks


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It's Xmas season. Everywhere you turn, you are besieged with messages wishing you "Merry Xmas!" B/c as our POTUS has said, MERRY XMAS is now BACK...with a vengeance! But, as more and more folx ID as atheist, agnostic, non-religious, or even just some other religion other  than Xian, where does than leave US? We grin and bear it, give our  Xian friends appropriate gifts, try to enjoy the good things about the season....but 

Really. I find this all very difficult. After a while, the red and green everywhere, the tinsel and the unendending Xmas carols become maddening. I dislike Xmas even more than pumpkin spice lattes...and I HATE those with a passion. I find myself on the verge of informing random strangers that Jesus was most likely born in the spring (if he existed at all, which I doubt).  OR maybe the autumn or the summer. We don't REALLY know. The whole Dec. 25th thing was set by the R. C. Church back in the day to co-opt Saturnalia. And Bethlehem? Another guess. Wise men? Total fabrication.  

But I don't do this. I attend parties and even church services with good grace. I wish everyone MERRY XMAS. I sing along. But inside I'm madly plotting to blow up the whole Xmas thing....even though I know it will tick on year after dreary year after year. Rant over.


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I raise a toast to your rant. 

For a long time, I have felt the same way. It's so very tedious being asked about 'your holiday?' and 'your Xmas plans?', the expectations, and the ubiquity of it all. A while ago I moved from the anger and alienation that I felt as an ex-believer, to a broader (still often crabby) acceptance. Part of this has to do where I live: in Seattle. A) While there are plenty of churches and church goers all around, they tend not to be of the in-your-face evangelical variety. So as a non-believer, I am pretty unmolested. B) This time of year, it's dark here. A lot. I have come to appreciate the twinkly lights of the decorations everywhere AND the low expectations (work related) that the season brings. I helps to get over the hump to solstice, when the days start getting just a tiny bit longer again. I think that was whole point of the original pagan holiday, right? That is the side of it that I embrace and it helps to smooth out the annoying religious myths and stuff. 

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