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SO Tempting to Make a Furry Post here.....


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Y'all know what I'm referring to, right? Furries, as in the KINK group? Those who ID as "Furries"....those who like, need, or otherwise get off by wearing the apparel of furred animals. I don't mean to disparage this variety of kink. It's hugely popular in some sectors, and as far as kink goes, appears to be one of the more innocuous versions (doesn't demean anyone, doesn't involve pain, etc.etc.). Just the heading of the section on pets/companion animals tickled me and got my mind heading towards furries......Okay. I'll go away now and return to my corner in the library. Sorry for the interruption.

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Ok, I'll bite. What's a "flurrie"? I googled it and couldn't find the term. Some non-kink sort of furrie? And don't get me wrong, I do not mean to disparage furries, kink or non. I know some who participate in this lifestyle, and they are cool folks. (I'm sure they roll THEIR eyes at my steampunk enthusiam....). I was just caught for a moment by the wordplay opportunity. So sue me, castigate me, flog me with me a wet thesaurus...

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Understood. And what exactly is your question? I'm neither a furrie nor a member of the kink community in ANY way, btw. Just someone who uses the internet for the sake of satisfying my CURIOSITY.  My particular ID happens to be ACE (asexual) and ARO (aromantic) and NB (nonbinary), so I'm uninterested in kink except as an oddity. 

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Most of the furries that i know are also kinky.  Not as in furry being their kink, but rather kink in general.  This probably means that i need to expand my attempts at socialising.

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