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New Relationship HELP!!

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So I recently started dating a woman who has been a friend for around 10 years.  I have always had a BIG crush on her just never thought she was interested.  Although I am bisexual and have slept with women before.  This is the first woman I am dating and the first woman I have wanted to date.  I love her as my friend so much and I was definitely seeing myself being with her long term.  I was hoping this relationship would be the last relationship I was going to be in.  We seemed like we wanted the same things in life.  A quiet loving home with someone you can trust not to sleep around and who will always have your back, and were even talking about having more children.  And now I just feel like boohooing and depressed all the time.  I am not a cryer so that is something new for me as well.  I am finding it SO hard to communicate with her, which normally if I were dating a guy I wouldn’t care because I am not the type to want to let men know so much about me.  However with her I CARE a whole bunch and have been so open and honest to a fault.  She is going through a shit ton right now and has had a really hard life.  I am really trying to be supportive with the boat load of issues.  But it’s getting hard for me to stay supportive and sympathetic.  I feel like I am trying to give her everything every male partner had wanted from me being sweet, open, honest, loving, making her and her child (which I love also) a priority in my life and yet it seems to have just not affected her in a positive way.  I mean don’t get me wrong there are times she gets really nasty with her mouth and I am absolutely not the one.  I can be really hurtful if I want to be like any other woman so when she starts in and I have enough I give her a taste of her own medicine.  But I don’t like it and I don’t want that in a relationship anymore.  Any suggestions on HOW I can try and start an open and honest BUT non-combative conversation with her?  Because when I try she either gets “tired” or shuts down or it turns into a big fight.

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