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lesbian bars: the list


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We're starting our list by borrowing the one recently published by the aforementioned (probably click and read that first) Lesbian Bar Project (that second link is their list).  (Don't worry, it's a PSA, we're pretty sure they'd approve.  :) )

We're listing the lesbian bars and locations along with their websites and/or Twitters, when available.  We (lesbotronic on Twitter) are also just now following the ones listed on Twitter, and we'll do our best to keep this list updated ourselves.  

But please everybody help us IMPROVE this list for everyone . . . not JUST their status, but any other experiences that would help other members consider patronizing these establishments.  You'd do that by replying to this post.

Seriously.  Whatever's clever, whatever would be helpful!  :)

Also, in addition to wishing everyone the best of health (during the pandemic, but other times too) and reminding everyone that we are not medical doctors and we think you should probably follow the advice of yours if they told you to stay home/not go out to any lesbian bars right now . . . many of the bars listed do actually have socially distanced options and/or various products that can be ordered online!

We will leave it up to the bar owners themselves to describe those to you (via the links below) but if anyone wants to comment here on something they ordered online from a lesbian bar that's cool too.  :)

A League of Her Own - Washington D.C. (website)

Alibi's - Oklahoma City, OK

Babes of Carytown - Richmond, VA (website)

Blush&Blu - Denver, CO (website)

Boycott Bar - Phoenix, AZ (website)

Cubbyhole - Manhattan, NY (website) (twitter)

Frankie's - Oklahoma City, OK

Ginger's Bar - Brooklyn, NY (possibly closed, possibly temporarily?)

Gossip Grill - San Diego, CA (website) (twitter)

Henrietta Hudson - Manhattan, NY (website) (twitter)

Herz - Mobile, AL (website)

My Sister's Room - Atlanta, GA (website) (twitter)

Pearl Bar - Houston, TX (website) (twitter)

Slammers - Columbus, OH (website)

Sue Ellen's - Dallas, TX (website) (twitter)

The Backdoor - Bloomington, IN (website) (twitter)

The Lipstick Lounge - Nashville, TN (website) (twitter)

Walker's Pint - Milwaukee, WI (website)

Wildrose - Seattle, WA (website) (twitter)

Wildside West - San Francisco, CA (website)

Yellow Brick Road Pub - Tulsa, OK (twitter)


(edited to add:  in addition to Lesbian Bar Project list, suggested by members!)

She Bar - London, England (website)

Six26 - Jersey City, NJ (website)


Meanwhile, this list is obviously American . . . because the women who run lesbotronic are all American and don't have much experience with lesbian bars outside the US.  If you do and would like to comment, please reply!  

However, while we would definitely like to add any missed lesbian bars (now and in the future, US and worldwide, an ongoing resource), to keep it reasonably coherent, let's stick mostly with the definition of lesbian bar where we describe the situation here.  If you have something to recommend that's not really a lesbian bar but some other event or other ongoing situation lesbians might want to know about, we have our Best Places for Lesbians (and those that love them) section here.

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Definitely worth an add is She Bar in London’s Soho. http://www.she-soho.com/

I’ve spent a few memorable nights there and even stumbled across American friends randomly. Now that the world has reopened I’m already planning my next trip to include an 18 hour layover in London so I can squeeze in another visit!

Here’s what they say about themselves…

"SHE is the only womxn-priority venue in London, drawing a great variety of LBTQ+ individuals all year round. SHE’s modern basement bar operates both as a community hotspot, and vibrant after-hours club, showcasing the hottest DJs on the scene, alongside regular karaoke and social events. Our prime location in the heart of Soho’s Old Compton Street, attracts a wide range of women of various ages and backgrounds and our competitive drink offers keep them coming!"

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Add Six26 - Lounge and Rooftop! Jersey City, NJ

One of my favorite get out the house and mingle places. After the office unwind place, get together with friends meet up, place.

All are welcome here. Food, drinks, great music and lovely atmosphere. 

Because I am not as young anymore, I only do a Friday night here if I want to really let loose lol. It's a nice mixed crowd nonetheless. 

If your ever in New Jersey come check it out, don't forget to let me know your going! Lol.

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