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Covid put me back in the kitchen with new ideas for meals


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Hi all,

I've always been inclined to test new recipes but was always disappointed in the outcome. During Covid, I kept going back to a woman whose recipes worked. Nagi. She tested them all until they were right and only then put them on her website, complete with a quick video "how-to" on the prep. She was just picked up by our Sydney weekend paper and released her 1st cookbook, "Dinner". In her cookbook, she even added QR codes which when scanned, show the video of the prep, just like the website. Her dog, Dozer, is her "taste-tester"- lol.

If you've run out of ideas and want YUM food out of your kitchen, tune-in and/or taste-test some of these recipes.



PS: I buy marked-down food and make what I can from it- so we always have a new meal we haven't had before!

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