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5. postmodern pornographic personality


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Here's a link to a graphic novelette along with a philosophical discourse on "Supernormal Stimuli:  How the Internet, Junk Food, and Porn Hijacked Our Brains."

"There’s a passage from a Kurt Vonnegut novel where a man shows another man a photograph of a woman in a bikini and asks, 'Like that Harry? That girl there.' The man’s response is, 'That’s not a girl. That’s a piece of paper.' Those who warn of porn’s addictive nature always emphasize that it is not a sexual addiction, it’s a technological one. Could porn impact the way you view the real thing?"

Here are a few more comparisons.  Which responses do you think belong to which groups


Is your definition of a lesbian based on:

  1. women with whom you've spent time IRL
  2. porn!

You've experienced lesbianism thus far:

  1. with IRL partners
  2. only in front of your screen with porn!

Who should lesbians have sex with?

  1. men from the Religious Right because religion
  2. men who are "progressive activists" because porn! . . . plus postmodernism
  3. each other?
  4. porn!

You might like to meet other lesbians socially:

  1. after y'all exchange some messages, establish some common interests
  2. who are already naked and online now!  because porn!

. . .

By pornographic to the point of postmodernism, we don't mean if you've ever watched porn, nope!  We would already assume that's everyone, so in this context/this question, we're not actually asking?

We mean if all your thoughts on women seem entirely based upon it.

Like you thought porn was an instruction manual.  

Like an instruction manual . . . for women ??!!??!

Kathleen Stock:  "And now, of course, there are new cultural scripts from which many lesbians have to try to protect their minds. Some of these scripts derive from internet pornography, turning lesbian relationships into a degraded horrorshow of a spectacle in order to provide masturbation fodder for sexual tourists. In the visual language of porn, lesbians are nothing but a hot aesthetic, only really doing it to turn men on, and indicating by means of elaborate eyerolls and lip-licks and camera-ready positions that they are more sexual, more deviant, more nasty than other women. Queer porn may change the aesthetic considerably but the often violent objectification of female bodies remains."

. . .

In this context, gender = the whole porny point of any interaction obsessed with it, and porn is mostly sexist and . . . we're not into porn.  So our personalities aren't based on it either.

And we're reiterating in this section, because if absolutely anyone can call themselves a lesbian these days and that's perfectly valid, it would obviously follow there must be different types of lesbians?

And lesbians whose postmodern personalities are based on porn are probably as different as they could be from the ones who . . . weren't even watching this whole time?

For real.

So if someone is obsessed with porn and we don't have any, it's not hateful to tell them to move it along.

That's just realistic and efficient.  


. . .


This site isn't even set up to host a bunch of videos or to livestream Hot Donuts Now, nope.

That was never, ever happening.

It's just women sharing words and thoughts and more words, then not self-producing their own porn.  Nope!  

Then later on some of them are getting together for coffee or tea or maybe even a drink or three but whatever they get up to next still won't livestream on this website.  Still nope!


. . .


Meanwhile, we've received hateful emails super enraged we're NOT turning lesbotronic (our domain) into more and more porn?

Because that usually makes sense . . . to Twitter.

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  • 7 months later...

The top of this post made me laugh (and it also made me a little sad). I confess I've skimmed but didn't yet fully read all your links but I've bookmarked them for later. 

It is extremely hard to find lesbian content online without running into porn. It's infuriating. (Hot Donuts Now! haha) 

I wasn't sure where to put this comment about postmodernism, but here seems as good a place as any. (If that's not the case let me know, Ms. Moderator, and I'll move it.) 

So 30 years ago, postmodernism seemed kind of fun. I had a good time with some thought experiments and deconstructing the status quo and reveling in arbitrary truths. . . . I never imagined that real life, daily interactions, and societal norms would ultimately collapse in the wake of this 'movement'. Because that is what it feels like to me lately: these subjective truths we are all subjected to now. 

I take some small comfort knowing that historically eras change, zeitgeists change. I wonder what will come after Post-modernism. Will it be a new renaissance, a new reformation, a new enlightenment? I don't know if I'll still be here when it comes to pass, but surely this post-modern bubble is going to implode under it's own contradictions. 

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