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6. butch vs femme is already sometimes confusing

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SO:  Just like the heading above:  We're no longer into gender, no thank you.

There's a strong possibility we can't see yours either.

That's not snark or some kind of unfounded opinion.

We actually checked.  Here's what we did:

. . .

Among lesbians anyway, the most basic "gender" was always:

"not into that" / androgynous / neither


There are various labels within and some now prefer different words for either/both, but that's been the mainstream thought on gender for a good long while now.


We found even our own standardization, if forced to guess, is . . . not great.  (Not that we were until now, because everyone still identifies themselves?)

Some private experiments only between those running lesbotronic:  We flipped through the database with all member data visible including any photographs but excluding anything actually answering the questions:


1. Knowing in advance member identifies as either butch OR femme, which of those two?

A solid 75% we could tell!

But quite a few in the last quarter we gotta say, we found puzzling.

2.  Knowing in advance member identifies as butch OR femme OR one of these four following:  androgynous, genderqueer, "I refuse to identify," or "I have no idea?"   

Which of those three?


Some of us might consider reassigning ourselves to the last group, "I have no idea" because . . . 
. . . we really didn't guess significantly better than chance on that last one?

Nope.  And that feels a bit puzzling too but . . . less?


. . .


We really want to make it super clear, especially about what's puzzling . . . 

 . . . because that's real . . . 

but not at all the same as saying we're right and they are wrong!

Absolutely nope.  Since everyone identifies themselves and we never argue, in our case, literally nope.

Not saying anything here to poke fun, also nope!

Are we saying there's any right or any wrong or even any clear answer when it comes to butch vs femme, again, nope!

We're saying, on a pretty basic level gender might already be too arbitrary . . . at least for anything more than having fun.

Or for others, it's more like a religion.

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