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1. member moderation notification + explanation

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This is our very FIRST moderated section, meaning, NOPE, we're NOT doing this due to current member behavior, and no, it's not all the sections . . . 

. . .  just this one, at least so far, we truly hope.

We wanted to say some things that needed saying, without trolls.  In this case we're imagining attracting them as new signups, just to troll, based merely on the women we're quoting.  

Also, some we're quoting have sued others, for libel.  We wanted to share without censoring ourselves in terms of the women we wanted to quote, but without attracting libel ourselves via responses.  We're not lawyers, so don't feel qualified to make fine distinctions on what is or is not libelous, so an extremely wide margin of possibly libelous comment rejection will be required.

(That means if you are considering signing up just to libel anyone in this section, it won't be worth your bother.)

Plus, defend ourselves against accusations of obscenity


. . . 


So just to be clear because we for real don't want to be rude:  If you're a current member, are we worried about YOU?


If we've already saw what you submitted as your profile and concluded you were homophobic plus sexist, we wouldn't have accepted you.

We think it's possible this section will attract homophobic sexists who will sign up after it's posted merely for the express purpose of spewing some sexist hate AT it.  We felt the need to comment on what's been going on but couldn't figure how without attracting more of same . . . 

. . . then thought well . . . this is part of why so many sites moderate comments these days?  I mean, it's a real obvious feature right here in these options, huh?  Yeah.


. . .


If we could watch you reading the posts in this section, your reactions would tell us some stuff about your personality plus how you've been spending most of your time online.


  1. "WTF are you even saying!  This couldn't be true!  Not in my queer LGBTQIA+ community!  No way!"
  2. "OK, maybe I've heard some of this . . . but we're just talking about a few outliers, right?  RIGHT?"
  3. "Y'all really were a bit behind the times, huh?  Guess you're all caught up."


But hey, no shame, because we were clearly Team #1 until a little over a year ago, for real.

Not into porn and only recently on Twitter . . . and we still haven't managed to Tweet anything most days or weeks or . . . months, oops, but seriously, Twitter is super bad and getting weirder.

Kinda proud of that, the previous (now mostly) lack of social media involvement, in the most . . . dumbass way? 

But since that was apparently no longer allowed, now we have our own things to say.

But we'd still rather nope out of interactions with sexist trolls or libel-related lawsuits, SO!

This is our first moderated section.

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