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Southwest England (or UK in general!)--looking to invest in women-owned living space

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So I am finally getting around to buying a house, and it's a real chore--I have a middle-level budget to spend for my location, so I do have options, but it's amazing how many awful housesĀ  there are out there.... I've realised that in an ideal world I'd use the savings I have to spend on property to join with other women (few or many) to buy a women-only place for us to live. But I have no idea how to connect with other women who have money to invest and the commitment to preserve women-only space. Also as I don't drive, and work, I'm not prepared to invest in rural land--I'd have to live somewhere at least near a train station so I could get to my office periodically (I work for a company with offices all over the UK, so in theory I could choose where to live). Posting this as a long shot, in case anyone knows any women would be interested in a project like this, or knows where they might be found. I do want to buy a house sooner rather than later, so it may be too late for me to float this idea already, but who knows, the worst that can happen is no one responds.

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