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Total disaster date I had


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Yes went to see one lady who didn't properly admitt her size I was alike a twig compared to her she did get agressive actually at times even punched herself I thought I don't want this I wasn't feeling well anyways and just told her I want to go home but I had to travel a long way home to get back she was lovely to start with thought she had a caring side to her but then she just changed and I felt uncomfortable I felt like this woman has issues with her mental health and physical health and she ought to be getting professional help instead of looking for a girlfriend I'm not sure weither in fact she was a lesbian neither tbh due to way she man handled me and made me sore but crap happens sometimes ya need to think before you meet someone you don't know properly and at about what they wanted you to hear not what they r really like in person :( she was ABIT obsessed with me but I laughed that off at the start not thinking she convinced me and I wish I hadn't of gone to see her now but she spoilt it for herself I'm a descent person but that was just nah she needs help and she was sick as a parrot just by looking at me how slim I was compared to her that woman had serious issues..

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