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Netflix Special-The Ultimatum ( Liked or Disliked )

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I recently viewed a Reality Series entitled, The Ultimatum featuring Lesbian Couples who were pondering over their feelings regarding their long term commitments and the possibilities of marriage.The series was very intriguing and quite emotional in that the couples agreed to let themselves be placed in quite vulnerable situations to test their true love for each other.

I don't want to give away the content of the show because it is must see if you haven't already seen it.

What I do want to ask ,before you view the show,if you plan to,or even if you don't plan to___ How long would you date your long time partner before expecting a marriage proposal,if you wanted that LOVE OF YOUR LIFE to pop the question___WILL YOU MARRY ME???


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I had to look this up, as I don't have Netflix. I feel just as distanced from this drivel as the rest that gets onto commercial TV. Do I believe there are people this shallow out in the world? Yes. Do I want to watch it? NO. L-Word was ridiculous & formulaic as are all of these series. I don't understand why a series about LGTBIQ*** cannot be representative of the non-dramatic in our world. Even Hannah Gadsby, in Nanette, said, "Where do all of the quiet gays go?" (referencing Sydney Gay Pride).

Honestly, if I want to watch a fun series, I'll watch the very short, yet insanely watchable & funny series, "The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo" for free on YT.


Imho, as always.

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I was eyeing this one since Netflix sent email about it, feeling compelled to check it out but also filled with . . . dread?  But it was actually better than I imagined.

Setting aside all entirely reasonable complaints regarding "reality shows" not being real to begin with, I imagined this one a bit "realer" anyway, at least compared to both L-Words, mostly because I thought a wider range of women were more realistically represented.  More realistic than the fictional L Word, more of a range than the "Real" L Word.

I also appreciated the specifically lesbian focus . . . even though sometimes they seemed a lil' . . . off their semi-scripted rockers?  (Of course, I'm sure I would be too if someone followed me around with a camera for several weeks.)

More on that below but first Joyletta's question:  "How long would you date your long time partner before expecting a marriage proposal,if you wanted that LOVE OF YOUR LIFE to pop the question___WILL YOU MARRY ME???" 

I actually stared at that for a couple of minutes like . . . huh?  What?  I just don't know.  But why don't I know?

Then realized, I think Generation X is too old for this question.  Or I am, where I've lived, etc.

Like I've never felt the traditional (previously only for heterosexuals) fairy princess romance leading to a proposal with rings leading to me goin' Bridezilla on a legal marriage ceremony scenario was ever for me, and I always imagined that lack of interest inherent to my personality, just one of the ways I felt different or less traditionally-minded.

But I'm now realizing at least some of that lack was probably defensive because I didn't think I would ever be eligible anyway?

I am legally married now, but didn't imagine that was going to be possible as I was growing up.  We got married after living together for over a decade, because after gay and lesbian marriage became legally possible it also quickly became required if I wanted to keep my health insurance.

So yeah . . . such a decided lack of dramatic statements read on windswept cliffs with rings affixed with large rocks extended on bended knee.  Or you know, those lovely gazebos or whatever.  (That was on the show, in case anyone's reading but hadn't watched and was confused.)

So those in their twenties now (like some on the show) are fully able to imagine themselves goin' Bridezilla all they like, even if they figured out they were lesbians from a younger age.  That is cool.  I think?  No, it is.  I just couldn't manage it. 

But hey, does anyone else have a Joyletta timeframe in mind?  :)

Spoilers on the show itself:  I was also surprised at just how surprised I was at some of the outcomes?

I didn't think Lexi and Rae would choose to propose, but then after they did, and seemed happy at the reunion, they broke up AFTER all of that?  Odd, I felt, but maybe not if you know more about what the hell happened which I do not (I haven't tried to read about anyone online, just watched the show).

And Tiff and Mildred, WTF?  I felt real trepidation when I saw they were going to stand next to a cliff  . . . would somebody get a lil' push?  ???

Then shocked they proposed, but then I thought well . . . maybe this relationship has a weird logic I just don't understand . . . but then OMG the reunion . . . WHAT?  Stressful!  I think for everyone involved, including the other couples.  Maybe even the camera people.

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That show was bonkers! Sometimes funny and sometimes sad and I forgot all about it until I saw this post. Hours of my life sucked away! And I would totally watch a second season of that mess. 

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