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The New Color Purple ,Celie and Shug's Kiss in"Silhouette"___Are You Kidding Me???

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I finally got a chance to watch the latest Cinema Musical Version of "The Color Purple",starring Fantasia Barrino and Taraji P. Henson,which I thought was beautifully done.____Inspite of the enormous talent and artistry portrayed by the great cast,I did have some noteworthy criticism of some of the keypoints that were edited and/or blacked out,which would have really made this movie version of Alice Walker's Remarkable Book about remarkably strong women,who followed their hearts,even more contemporary,ordinary,and a champion of tolerance,as we now know it.

Since it was decided to sneek peak at a more forward look at the subtle acceptance of lesbian love and how it eventually gave Celie's character more self confidence because Shug's character had no problem letting everybody know how much she cared about Celie through her bold displays of public affection,WHY HIDE THEIR KISS?? I was,and I'm still confused about that scene.Who in the world would have been offended to see those two gorgeous women kiss on screen.I truly doubt that either of them would have objected to an actual kiss being shown.That was so very strange to me,and it was definitely shade thrown at the LGBTQ Community in my opinion._____ Am I reading too much into the lesbian kiss that wasn't really a kiss or was there enough there to display enough positive light on Celie and Shug's love for each other?

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