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your collective favorite lesbian shows (videos / movies / TV)

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Some requests for a poll assessing members' favorite lesbian movies and TV, especially lately.  Good idea, right?  Because even though some stuff lately might be crap, there's SO MUCH NOW!  

But SO MUCH NOW we originally couldn't imagine where to start?  Especially since the poll software taps out on maximum answer options after (I forget exactly) but probably less than our collective ability to recommend shows?

Then we thought nah, just toss even the idealistic notion of comprehensiveness aside as unrealistic anyway.  Let's just ask members about their taste right now! Then collect their replies somewhere else, more legibly? ;)

So another poll, yes, but within the limits of the software.  This "poll" will operate like a regular thread, just reply at the end.  Suggesting this format:


(3-6 somehow lesbian videos/movies/TV shows you recommend)

(if you'd like to second anyone else's nomination)


After one member nominates and at least one other seconds, it's officially on The List (we'll be creating and posting once we have more responses)!  Then we could collectively just keep recommending into the future, whenever there's something anyone feels is worth it.  Also we said 3-6, obviously arbitrary, you could recommend 1 or 10, but I thought if we said ONE some would feel like it had to be their ultimate soulmate video or something, while a lot longer might be daunting for others to reply.  So maybe a few to several at a time is comfy?

As for WHY anyone is nominating or seconding, certainly don't want to stifle anyone, but I wonder if more will reply if justifications are NOT requested?

So let's just say explain whatever you like.  I'm going to recommend my chunk without bothering to explain why because my tastes have been pretty mainstream lately.  Since they're all available via standard streamers and many public libraries at least in the US I'll assume most reading are familiar already and if not, you can just ask.  :)   There's also no focus on "positive role models" or extreme recency.

(But if you want to nominate something more esoteric or harder to find, that might want more of a description to get seconded.)

If this goes well, maybe we'll do another one for writing.

OK!  :)  


nominate:  Bound*, Deadloch, Yellowjackets, Booksmart, Vida, Killing Eve

second:  (nothing here yet)

*edited to add:  Yes, the movie starring Jennifer Tilly and Gina Gershon.  A couple members messaged to ask, apparently there are some more recent videos I hadn't noticed they thought it could have been.  NOPE!  Definitely those two, and it was 1996 according to looking at imdb just now.  Yes, while they weren't actually meant to be in meaningful order, my first pick is from 1996.  No, I don't consider this a problem.  :)

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NICE! I might have to submit entries more than once. (I can never think of all the things when I want to.) But for now... 

nominate: Xena Warrior Princess (the subtext did a lot of heavy lifting but it's a classic), Batwoman (both of them = good), Legends of Tomorrow (even though they went the wedding/baby route there at the end, zzzzzz), Imagine Me and You, Summerland, Desert Hearts

second: Bound, Deadloch, Yellowjackets, Booksmart, Vida , Killing Eve  !!!! 

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I second Gentleman Jack and Killing Eve ...Desert Hearts is a great old classic.

As for newer stuff...the new Perry Mason (2 seasons) has a great lesbian character and it's well done. 

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The last thing I seen that was lesbian related was an anime called Kandagawa Jet Girls. There is so much out there can't name them all.

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I second ( or sixth?) Killing Eve, Gentleman Jack, Desert Hearts, Perry Mason and Imagine Me and You. I also loved the series A League of Their Own. Also, The L Word, The Fall (because I LOVE Gillian Anderson and she plays a bi character in that series), Sex Education, Euphoria and Blue is the Warmest Color. 

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Seconded: Killing Eve (I'm sure I'll second Gentleman Jack, I just need to stop being lazy.

I'm going to preface my recommendations with take these with a grain of salt as my taste is a bit ropey and I'm used to jumping on lesbianism in my favourite horrors etc But because some of my absolute faves are a bit much unless you are really into horror, I'll just go with La morte vivante, The Handmaiden and The Vampire Lovers.

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Here are our results THUS FAR.

Also, afraid we forgot about another poll previously started over HERE, whoopsie . . . 

. . . but kinda just as well because that one ran out of options anyway, so we're merging it into this one.  We also decided against somehow grandfathering in all those on that link immediately above because we're not familiar with all ourselves.  So in case whoever originally recommended isn't here anymore . . . that might be like reporting "members recommend" something no current members actually do?  Which seems weird so we did not.  

But if you'd like a look to consider nominating yourself, go for it.  :)

I'm personally stealing from whoever nominated Buffy the Vampire Slayer previously.   Don't forget about Willow and Tara!  (I had apparently, but am now happily reminded.)

Referring to Cloudburst, I hadn't noticed Olympia Dukakis starring in something lesbian (or at least "lesbian") other than her Armistead Maupin character?  That sounds interesting, and was reviewed well.  So I'm going to watch that sometime soon and probably second.  But since I haven't actually managed yet I'll wait until I do.  I've also been meaning to check out Handsome, ditto on seconding that (probably) but will wait until I've actually watched.

So nominated but NOT yet seconded are as follows, if you're a fan too feel free to second:

Batwoman (new and old)

Blue is the Warmest Color

Buffy the Vampire Slayer


The Color Purple (new)

The Duke of Burgundy


The Fall

Fancy Dance

The Handmaiden

The L Word

A League of Their Own

Legends of Tomorrow

La Morte Vivante

Sex Education


The Vampire Lovers

Xena Warrior Princess

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Recently watched Fancy Dance on Apple TV +, starring Lily Gladstone, who recently won bunches of important awards (don't feel like looking those up, but she cleaned up!) for Scorcese's Killers of the Flower Moon.  While Flower Moon was obviously a larger production, I enjoyed Fancy Dance more.

Couple caveats recommending it in this context:  One of the main characters (played by Lily) does have a girlfriend so I've decided it fits here . . . but their relationship is depicted about 7 minutes of a 90 minute run time.  Mostly she's on a mission and she mostly doesn't involve the girlfriend.

I'd also say it's a beautiful film . . . but in the way that the ending made me cry because I thought it was so beautiful.  Definitely not an uncomplicated good time, but beautiful.

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