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Book clubs/ recommendations?

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What’s everyone been reading lately? I’m in a book club online (discord) but there’s been some issues with the moderators for awhile. The book club is specifically for lesbians too! Has anyone else joined a lesbian book club? If not what have you been reading lately?

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Hey, I have never been in a lesbian exclusive book club. I’m kinda in a ‘queer scifi short fiction’ virtual reading club. 
but mostly the books I read are wlw themed , so lately I’ve read or am reading: 

Malinda Lo: Last Night at the Telegraph Club 

Malinda Lo: Ash

Nikki Harmon: When I Was Your Girlfriend 

Ilana Zeffren: Urban Tails

Some collected works of Patricia Highsmith

Selected Works of Audre Lorde, ed  Roxane Gay

Mariko Tamaki: Detective Comics (Batman)

… so not all book group material haha

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