headshots only, please

HEADSHOTS ONLY are allowed as uploads into profiles for display next to your replies in the community forum.

Just to clarify what we mean by "into profiles" in case that was at all unclear, we DO mean when you click on your user name to access your own profile, click on the profile photo icon, then upload a photo in your own profile to be displayed along with it. You can see your profile photo whenever you click on your profile, as will others.

We do NOT mean posts inside the community forum. You CAN, and are ENCOURAGED, to upload other photos there, no problem.

If you post something other than what we imagine is a headshot of the person described in the profile INTO your profile, it will be deleted.

WHAT exactly qualifies as a headshot?

No, we don't mean the back of your head, as we would certainly hope that's not nearly as interesting as the front.

(Yeah, uploading the back of your head would be super duper funny. I'm sure we've all had a good laugh about how funny that is. And . . . now we're done. We do mean a photo including your face.)

Photos from very far away, through a thick fog, or in almost total darkness aren't winners either.

Photos featuring more than one human tend to confuse others, unless the profile is also for all the humans (couples looking together, etc.).

Don't obscure your face with anything Photoshop-y. It shouldn't be necessary here (please click here for further details on privacy) . . . and it's also Just Plain Creepy. You'll look like a crime victim from the 5 o'clock news.

If you upload a really tall photo, it may be cut off from the bottom to fit into the alloted space. So you would want to pick a photo where your head is near the top, not one with a bunch of other stuff up at the top, THEN your head . . . or you may suffer a beheading. In thumbnail only, of course.

We really and truly don't mean to insult anyone's intelligence here, but we guess it has to be said just in case. We do mean a headshot of YOU. Not someone else, not some celebrity you like, etc. YOU.

We also don't mean you as a child. We're sure your kid photos are super cute, we're sure you didn't intend to be creepy, and we're sure those photos would be greatly appreciated elsewhere. However, on a site like this with predominant keywords like "lesbian" and "personals" and "queer community," where some of the adults are seeking other adults for more-than-platonic relationships, it's just too creepily inappropriate to have photos of anyone underage rolling by, no matter how not-creepy you probably meant it.

WHY only headshots inside the profiles?


lesbotronic is a real community full of real people who are looking to form real relationships, many leading to off-the-internet, "in real life" interactions.

It's not only a bunch of swiping right or left and/or thumbing up or down that usually fails to lead to much of anything at all other than more swiping and/or thumbing.

It's also not a horde of unfortunates who slimily oozed by just to vent some spleen at someone else, imagining it's totally and completely awesome to behave like total cretins while hiding behind complete anonymity.

So, nothing other than a headshot is appropriate here.

If everything we just said above doesn't sound great to you, this is probably not the site for you.


Nothing other than a headshot usually motivates anyone else to message you, or reply if you message them.

Yes, we do really know. You can trust us on this. Failure to include a headshot inside your profile will usually mean your profile will fail to attract anybody good.

If you're concerned about privacy, please read here about this site and privacy overall to understand how you could post a headshot but keep its exposure private to other members only, if you do feel more privacy is absolutely necessary in your case.


The photo uploaded INTO your profile will exist within your profile, which will also be displayed next to your replies in the community forum.

For these particular areas, it's a small format, tiny little box.

Nothing other than a personal photo is appropriate, and nothing much larger than a headshot would display within the small format and render as anything other than a blurry little blob.


Again, since this is the photo that will display next to your replies in the community forum, it's going to load a lot more often for other members than any other photos you might also care to share elsewhere.

And those other members want to see YOU. They're much less interested in any of your other photos, especially over and over and over again.

We're sure all your photos of everything else on the planet are super cute in general, just much less cute for your profile. Other members, particularly those on slower connections, will find your not-you photos way less endearing than you probably imagined they would, especially if that picture of a flower or a sunset or whatever-the-heck-else repeatedly takes a while to load.

(So please don't do them like that.)

"But I want to upload other photos of myself, including shots of more than just my face and/or those aforementioned flowers and sunsets and whatever-the-heck-elses! You should let me do that too!"

You can!

Because we already do allow that too!

Just upload those into your replies in the community forum. You can place those into either the Public Area or the Members Only area, your choice. You could even put them into the Member Introduction area, and helpfully entitle it/them "More Photos of Me," if you like.

Whenever you post anything inside the community forum, links to those posts are also available within your profile. So anyone viewing your profile can see that they can ALSO click on those additional replies and photos too, to see and learn more about you.