Adding Your Site to Our Directory

This is not a fully automated process.

You will only have the opportunity to send us an email, which we will then read and consider.

We will also visit your site first before making any decisions to see if the info you sent us is valid.

NOTHING AT ALL will happen immediately, automatically, or somehow "magically" even if you don't follow the instructions.

In case you hadn't already surmised from the above, we've recently altered the way we're willing to exchange links. We previously:

1. had a more traditional form here to collect the information

2. would consider adding a link before the link submitter had added our link to their site

We no longer offer the form because it was


. . . spammed.

In addition, you will have to post our URL along with some appropriate description first.

We're now requiring those requesting a link to link us first, to cut back on the THOUSANDS of insincere requests we previously had to consider every month.

Some previous submitters also did not follow through with posting our link after we posted theirs, and we got tired of wasting our time with that nonsense.

Bottom line: We offer a service that is pretty cool, and totally free for all users. This site has also been around a long time, isn't going anywhere, has a lot of members, and more every day.

So, you have actually do have a site with an audience that’s compatible with ours, you should WANT to tell that audience about our service. If you don’t, well . . . that tells us a lot about your site right there, mainly that it’s unlikely appropriate for US to give you a link.

This is also a partnership opportunity of sorts.

It's not a fly-by-night link farm.

If you don't get that, please go away now.

If you want us to post your URL in our directory, we will consider that only in the event of a MUTUAL and MUTUALLY beneficial link exchange, and you will have to post our URL first.

For all link exchanges, your site will need to be something we imagine at least some of our members would actually enjoy and/or from which they might derive benefit.

In the history of this website, we've accepted approximately 1 out of every 954 trillion link exchange requests.

If you're an actual lesbian (or queer woman, or bisexual woman, or genderqueer or trans person) with a website you actually worked on yourself and your website deals with things an actual lesbian might actually want to bother to concern or entertain herself with, that ratio shouldn't daunt you, because you're the exact sort we DO accept.

(Otherwise, it should, because we've been spammed by idiots about idiotic things like nobody's business, and no, we NEVER listed any spammer's website.)


We are only interested in listing sites that could be of interest to queer women or those having some important relationship with queer women. This MIGHT mean sites of general interest to women or sites of general interest to queers. However, we reserve the right to make that choice.

If your site focuses exclusively on heterosexual women or gay men, you probably shouldn't bother contacting us. However, we do make exceptions for sites that are aggressively politically progressive. Meaning, if you favor full civil rights for queers, we'd imagine you qualify. Even if the site doesn't feature much about lesbians specifically, if it's progressive enough, we imagine our members will be interested, and if they aren't . . . they probably should be.


We are not interested in listing "personal home pages." (However, there is definitely room for exception here if you are a lesbian artist or activist, and the site represents a body of work.) Sorry, but most strictly personal sites just aren't of sufficient general interest.

If you are a lesbian/bisexual/trans/genderqueer mainly interested in advertising yourself for dates/other relationships (not primarily your art work, activism work, writing, etc.), please do so via our regular personal ad feature.


Please do not submit your site if it's still "under construction" or "coming soon." Please wait until there's enough to review!

Please also don't submit your site if you want to list our site on a page that's "not quite ready yet" or something similar.

In other words, if you're not totally ready, we won't be ready to review your request either. Better to wait and get back to us later.


We will not list sites that offer products/services marketed through an affiliate UNLESS there is also significant UNIQUE content on the site.

You know who you are. Please don't bother submitting.


Because the service we offer is totally free, our continued success also depends on free publicity.

Therefore, we REQUIRE A LINK EXCHANGE to list your site.

Meaning, if your site is appropriate we'll be more than happy to list it on our cool sites page which is directly accessible from our index page, but only is you ALREADY HAVE OUR SITE LISTED somewhere on yours that is ALSO accessible via YOUR index page.

You also must have that link present IN ADVANCE of contacting us about it, or we won't consider your request.

In addition, the page upon which our site is linked must:

be accompanied by an appropriate description. You can write your own, or view our "link us" page for ideas if you'd rather.

be accessible from your index page within 2 clicks

not behind some sort of "wall" that would restrict access

not have more than 30 outgoing links on it already (not a "link farm") (If you've got that many links on one page, you need to split them up.)


The description is yours to determine, but the link is as follows:

(No useless redirect-y crap)


A link exchange means our URL listed with an appropriate description on a decent page on your site gets the same from us.

Don’t send us 50 URLs.

(99% chance anyone doing that is chock full of spam suggestions anyway)

It's a link exchange, not a clown car, people.


The preceding guidelines are an excellent start in determining if your site will be considered appropriate, but we still reserve the right to make totally arbitrary decisions about what we will include, based on taste, our preferences, whatever. This does NOT mean we won't list sites that are somehow explicit . . . but again, our taste/judgment will prevail.

If your site deals with things of an erotic nature but it isn't dyke, lesbian, queer and/or trans-oriented, you probably shouldn't bother.

So, still want to exchange links?

I confirm understanding of all the guidelines above.

I solemnly swear under penalty of admitting that I am a GIANT ASSHAT that I:

understand that this is not a fully automated process. I will only have the opportunity to send email, which will then be read by a human.

understand that this is a link exchange, not a link farm/clown car.

understand that I will have to post a link to along with an appropriate description first, or I am wasting my time here.

understand that only sites of interest to queer women will be considered.

understand the restrictions above with regard to the quality of the page upon which the link must be present.

In order to be considered for a link exchange, please send an email to: with all of the following:

1. your URL

2. the preferred description for your URL (no hyperbole and keep it relatively short, please)

3. the URL on your site where is now listed

4. anything else you'd care for us to know

We'll email you back ASAP if we're interested. Thanks!