(We're sticking this wee interstitial page here because a few folks got confused, so now we're trying to head any future confusion off at the pass, if you will.)

This is NOT the place to log in to your currently active profile, or to edit your currently active profile. Those instructions are sent via email after acceptance, but trust, this is not the place.

If you EVER previously submitted a profile, please do NOT submit again unless you're CERTAIN that profile is not active. How can you be certain?

  • If the email address you used to sign up died a while ago, and you didn't give us a new one to replace it beforehand. If that happened, it's extremely likely you were already deleted due to email bounce.

  • If you asked, and we said "no active profile using this email address."

Not certain if you're active or not? Think you might be active but lost your login info? Instead of submitting another profile now, please send us email from the same email address you used to sign up previously, and ask. Send that to: webmistresses@lesbotronic.com

We want one and only one active profile per lesbotronic-appropriate human.

On behalf of all current members whose time you might waste if you had multiple profiles active, any attempt on the part of one individual human to generate multiple active profiles, using more than one email address or otherwise, will be viewed as an act of time-wasting spammy obnoxiousness and is grounds for deletion of all your profiles.


Apologies for the gruff nature of that last paragraph, but it was best we got that little bit of business out of the way before kicking this thing into gear, alrighty?

Cheers, thanks a lot!

I am certain I do not already have a profile active. So let's do this! GO!