Wee Interstitial Page

(We're sticking this wee interstitial page here because a few folks got confused, so now we're trying to head any future confusion off at the pass, if you will.)

This is NOT the place to log in to your currently active profile, or to edit your currently active profile. The sign in button in the menu up at the top of this page or again in the menu at the bottom of this page or you could just click right here is where you sign in.

If you think it's possible you still have a profile active, but you lost your login info, you can find out by entering whatever email address you think you might last have been using with us here. If there's a still active profile using one of your email addresses, you should be able to enter it here, then reset your password. That's provided that email address is still active too, of course.

We want one and only one active profile per lesbotronic-appropriate human.


Apologies for the gruff nature of that last paragraph, but it was best we got that little bit of business out of the way before kicking this thing into gear, alrighty?

Cheers, thanks a lot!

I am certain I do not already have a profile active. So let's do this! GO!