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How We Use Information We Collect Via Our Personals

All information submitted via our personals service is made available only within the personals service to other members of the personals service and the personals administrators, and only for the duration of continued voluntary participation in our personals service.

It will neither be shared nor sold nor rented to anyone outside personals.

And when we say, we mean ONLY We do not have other "partners" or other "approved business parties" or other "approved communication providers" or any other unnamed third parties.

Unlike many social sites, none of the information here originated elsewhere, nor will it be sent or displayed elsewhere.

Nothing here came from any other site or will be subsequently posted on any other site.

Nothing whatsoever will be syndicated, sold, or disseminated elsewhere.

Participation in our personals WILL lead to email from directly related to the functioning of the personals service and any other updates or notifications we feel are necessary for your continued participation, as long as you continue to participate.

We may also respond to individual member requests for additional information via email. Participation may also lead to messages from other personals members.

Participation in our personals will NOT lead to junk mail, spam, or unsolicited advertising from in your email box or via any other contact method.

If you request that your personals profile be deleted, it would be entirely deleted and any information within no longer made available to anyone within our personals service. If your personals profile was deleted, you would no longer receive email from regarding it or your participation in our personals service.

The only exception to the above policies might involve any illegal, unauthorized, or otherwise criminal use of our website by a member or any third party. If we were legally required to disclose information about any illegal, unauthorized, or otherwise criminal use of our website during an investigation of such, if some form of information disclosure would protect against misuse or unauthorized use of our website, or if some form of information disclosure became necessary to enforce compliance of the policies of our website, we would disclose information related to that abuse and/or those abusive parties.

There is nothing in any fine print that would indicate or provide any additional exceptions to the above. (Actually, we have no "fine print," you're meant to be able to read all our print.) But no additional exceptions, and no additional exceptions to the rule of no additional exceptions, etc.

Privacy Policies

Please note that there are two completely separate areas of this site: the BOARD, and the PERSONALS. You can sign up for just the personals, or both. Registering for the personals does not register you for and/or transfer any of your information to the board.

The BOARD has a public area. It exists so that members representing various demographics spread across a large geography can discuss a variety of topics. You can interact with many members there that you would not otherwise have had the opportunity to meet via the personals, due to geographic distance and/or other factors.

(Incidentally, all of the above is true of most discussion boards on the internet. We're just pointing out that ours is not unique in this regard.)

The PERSONALS is much more private than the board. Anyone allowed to view your personals profile will also have filled out our personals questionnaire in its entirety, NOT had their profile rejected as being inappropriate, and then your search criteria must mutually not exclude each other (our search criteria as defined in this FAQ). That means no one else (other than the personals administrators) will be granted access to your profile.

Unlike most social sites, we do not now and will never publish your profile or any details from your profile on a publicly available page somewhere as an advertisement to entice other folks to sign up.

Your personals profile will never be made available for viewing by anyone else "just stopping by" or "wanting a trial run" or something similar, also unlike most personals sites. Again, that means that anyone else who didn't:

  • also completely submit a profile on (no other website)
  • NOT get rejected
  • mutually NOT exclude each other via your collective search options

will NOT be granted access to your profile.

Basically, personals are about as private as you could possibly get, but still function over the internet.

If you want to meet new people in a way that's more private than our personals, you'll need to somehow do that OFFLINE (not over the internet) only.

HOWEVER (and we hope this is already common sense for most of you), what you post in your personals profile IS available for viewing by those within your search results. We will not put it "out there" on the internet, we will not publish it offline, we will not make it available to other personals members who are NOT within your search results. But what you put in your personals profile IS intended for viewing by those WITHIN your search results.

Anything you DO want those within your search results to see? That's what you put in your personals profile.

Anything that you do NOT want others within your search results to see? Do NOT put that in your personals profile.

Links to Other Websites - Privacy includes links to other websites whose privacy practices may differ from those described above. If you submit personal information to any of those sites, your information is subject to their privacy statements.'s privacy statement does not apply to information you may submit to those sites.

We encourage you to carefully read the privacy statement of any website you visit.

terms of service

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We can't guarantee the accuracy of the information provided, endorse or recommend any member, or accept responsibility or liability for any events arising from the use of this service.

The service that we provide and the information within is certainly intended to enhance your social life.

However, is not and cannot be your chaperone, your nanny, or your personal security guard.

As with most things in the lives of adults, the ultimate decision about what to do and with whom is up to YOU.

Please conduct yourself with normal caution and good common sense, in this and in the rest of your endeavors.

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