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We will never put your profile out for public viewing.

We will also never sell or share your information with any other company or website.

Since profiles are not shared anywhere public, this also means they will not be indexed by search engines.

Unlike many social sites, none of our member profiles originated elsewhere, nor will they be sent or displayed elsewhere.

None of our members were imported from any other site; none of our members will subsequently be posted on any other site.

Nothing whatsoever regarding any member will be syndicated, sold, or disseminated elsewhere.

Anyone allowed to view your profile will have:

also completed their own profile

NOT been rejected by our human lesbian screeners

signed in first, as member profiles aren't available to anyone not signed up and signed in

We will also never sell or share your information with any other company or website.

Our service is as private as possible, yet still function via the internet.

If you want to meet new people even more privately than this site, you'll have to go off the internet only.

privacy & levels of participation

There are 3 levels of participation, from the most social to the most private. If you want to meet as many other members as possible, obviously you'd want to go with Most Social.

However, if privacy is extremely important to you, you may want to consider one of the two less social options (Intermediate and Most Private).

most social

In addition to your profile, join or start conversations in both the Public Area and one or more Members Only areas. Engaging in conversation in both is most likely to get you noticed by other members. It would also allow you to socialize with other members of lesbotronic outside of strictly private, one-on-one messages.

Posts in the Public Area may be seen by other humans on the internet that have NOT signed up for lesbotronic. That's why it's called the Public Area, labeled right up at the top.

Anyone wandering by, possibly to see if they'd like to sign up for this site themselves . . . possibly even just to talk to YOU, could click on your posts and read them.

However, anyone else not already signed up and signed in would not have access to your profile, would not be able to reply to your post(s), and would not be able to message you.

To put this another way, just to make sure it's crystal clear, anyone not already signed up for lesbotronic and signed in can ONLY read posts in the Public Area. Without signing up themselves and unless/until their profile was approved, that is all they could do. No posting, no replying, no messaging, no viewing of profiles, no anything else whatsoever other than merely reading posts in the Public Area.


In addition to your profile, join community conversations too, but ONLY in the Members Only areas. This would allow you to socialize with other members of lesbotronic outside of strictly private, one-on-one messages.

Limiting yourself to conversations in the Members Only area means you're a little less likely to get noticed than if you ALSO post in the Public Area. But if privacy is a huge concern, limiting yourself to the Members Only area will mean no one not signed up and signed in to lesbotronic will be able to see anything you've said.

That means anyone wandering by from the rest of the internet (not already a member of lesbotronic and not already signed in) would not even know you exist, even if they browsed the Public Area.

(Or at least, they wouldn't know you existed via your participation HERE. Anything else is obviously out of our jurisdiction.)

most private . . . otherwise known as Wallflower Mode

Keep your profile active, but do NOT join any community conversations, either in the Public Area or any of the Members Only area.

You'll confine your socializing to privately messaging other members ONLY.

So generally, just in case this wasn't already clear, Wallflowers aren't as likely to get noticed by other members. Generally, it is harder to be EXTREMELY private AND still meet many people you didn't already know.

(Yes, we have provided a decent way to do that with this website, but it's still going to stay a bit difficult overall to be EXTREMELY private AND meet a lot of people you didn't already know no matter how we'd run this thing, that's just the essential reality here, folks!)

So in general, we would strongly recommend joining some community conversations too, at least in the Members Only areas. If you can do at least that, your experience here will very likely be more socially successful.

However, if you feel extreme privacy is absolutely required in your case such that you don't even feel you can post in Members Only, you should keep in mind that you'll need to message new members that interest you as they arrive or . . . they may not notice you exist.

"But WAAAAAHHHHH . . . this is complicated! Why don't you just make this WHOLE ENTIRE WEBSITE Members Only and thus more private? Wouldn't that be easier?"

Short Answer: Yes, a lot easier. And, depending on how things go in the future, we can't guarantee we won't eventually have to limit it like that.

Longer Answer: We considered that, very seriously. It would ease our workload, because it would make us less attractive to spammers, thus dramatically reducing the time-consuming screening required to hose them off.

However, we also know it's valuable to keep space available where members CAN post things that ARE publicly accessible, meaning on this site that's:

reasonably well-known

gets reasonable traffic

a way to reach people NOT already within your "social network"

Sometimes you DO want as many people as possible to read something you have to say.

In addition to all the other conversations, some have used the Public Area to post stuff of interest to lesbians, like marches, gatherings, conferences, parades, restaurants or bars or other businesses that are lesbian-friendly, worthwhile media, political stuff, calls to action, a lesbian group someone would like to get going in their geographic area, etc. (That's not a comprehensive list, just examples.)

And we see from our logs that many read those posts, including non-members. We think maintaining that space is service to our community, even those that don't register with us.

While our need to keep our lives tolerable on the spam-battling front means you DO have to be a member to post, any member can post something in the Public Area, which anyone else on the internet can read.

Again, the only thing members need to remember is that the Public Area is just that. PUBLIC. Meaning, accessible to the rest of the internet.

The Members Only areas are just for members. If you want to post something NOT for everyone else on the internet, ONLY other members, you'll want to post that in one of the Members Only areas.


While we hope this is already common sense for most of you, it has been suggested that we should say it just in case NOT. And we're just saying THAT to indicate that we really don't mean to insult anyone's intelligence here, BUT, what you post inside your profile IS available for viewing by other members of the site, not just its administrators.

We will not put your profile "out there" on the internet for non-members, we will not publish it offline, we will not make it available in any other way other than to other members of this very same website. But what you put in your profile IS intended for viewing by other members of lesbotronic, not JUST this site's administrators.

Anything you DO want other members of this site to see? That's what you put in your profile.

Anything that you might NOT want any member of lesbotronic to see? Do NOT put that in your profile.

(The one and only exception here being, of course, your email address. That isn't visible to any other member just because you signed up/submitted a profile. If you don't share your email address with any other member YOURSELF, it is NOT available to any other member just because you signed up, it's only automatically available to this site's administrators, and no, as per the info above, still no, we're not sharing it with anyone else. Please see the section EMAIL below for more info.)

If you request that your profile be deleted, it would be entirely deleted and any information within no longer made available to anyone within our service.

The only exception to the above policies might involve any illegal, unauthorized, or otherwise criminal use of our website by a member or any third party. If we were legally required to disclose information about any illegal, unauthorized, or otherwise criminal use of our website during an investigation of such, if some form of information disclosure would protect against misuse or unauthorized use of our website, or if some form of information disclosure became necessary to enforce compliance of the policies of our website, we would disclose information related to that abuse and/or those abusive parties.

There is nothing in any fine print that would indicate or provide any additional exceptions to the above. (Actually, we have no "fine print," you're meant to be able to read all our print.) But no additional exceptions, and no additional exceptions to the rule of no additional exceptions, etc.

community forum conversations

(not your profile, the community forum)

If you post something to which others meaningfully reply, that content may remain active on the site, even if you do not and your profile is no longer available. That's just the "netiquette" or the expectation of a site with a discussion forum, as chopping out posts in the middle of a conversation would often render the rest of it terribly confusing or meaningless, which would be severely inconsiderate of the other folks that bothered to contribute something.

In other words, everyone's contributions are important. Not just yours.

If you don't remain active here, your profile and thus anyone else's ability to message you via that profile will be completely erased, but your replies that exist as parts of conversations may remain for conversational continuity.

Similarly, and along the lines of the above, you can't edit your replies.

If you really feel you've effed up something about which you feel very strongly, you can message us and we'll PROBABLY edit and/or delete what you like, IF AND ONLY IF we feel we can do that without derailing someone else's contribution.

But please try not to be totally annoyingly high maintenance regarding this offer, alrighty? Consider it very limited in scope, and please do respect our time. Yes, we do run the site, but no, that actually doesn't mean we're obligated to be your internet janitors.

Basically, if you're not sure you want to say something, think about it a bit for a minute until you're sure.


Participation WILL lead to email from lesbotronic directly related to the functioning of the service and any other updates or notifications we feel are necessary for your continued participation, as long as you continue to participate.

We may also respond to individual member requests for additional information via email. Participation may also lead to messages from other members, which you can receive notification regarding via email as well.

Participation will NOT lead to junk mail, spam, or unsolicited advertising from lesbotronic in your email box or via any other contact method.

If you request that your profile be deleted, it would be entirely deleted and any information within no longer made available to anyone within our service. If your profile was deleted, you would no longer receive email from lesbotronic regarding it or your participation in our service.


So just like we already said above, participation will NOT lead to junk mail, spam, or unsolicited advertising from lesbotronic in your email box or via any other contact method.

Still true, always has been true, that.

But meanwhile, we have received a few emails from members who say that since they've signed up for lesbotronic with a particular email address, it has been receiving more spam than ever before! And somehow, since this spam has been since they've signed up, SURELY it must be our fault because we are doing something very very bad and very very wrong and very very spammy with their email address, even though we sincerely promised we wouldn't in our publicly posted privacy policy?

So, still actually NO to that. Still not true.

We reiterated this to one member who wrote back and said it just didn't seem possible to her that it was all nothing but a huge coincidence that she was getting more spam at one of her email addresses since signing up for lesbotronic with it because she didn't use that email address for anything else!

And we wrote back that no, it was NOT necessarily all nothing but a huge coincidence, but still NO, it was still NOT anything we were doing.

And . . . anyone that is confused now surely doesn't actually understand how most spam works these days.

Here's what we wrote back to this member:

"No, we wouldn't call your spam "all nothing but a huge coincidence," but also no, it is most definitely NOT the fault of those of us who run lesbotronic.

We strongly recommend spending a little time educating yourself about email viruses and all the ways that many of the free email services have been hacked lately. Any search engine is your friend here. The overwhelmingly vast majority of ways folks get spam these days isn't from joining any website, certainly including this one. That's a Year 2000 way to get spam.

These days, the evil spammers are actually much more efficient. They don't have to even try to hack or scrape websites in an attempt to scoop up some email addresses indirectly anymore, they just hack the email accounts themselves directly, right at the source. It's usually email worms and email address book viruses. It's difficult to use any email address, if you are using it to email other random people (meaning, not people who have their own domains, like lesbotronic), and never be affected. Your spam is not from signing up for ANY legitimate website, it's that your email account on a popular free email service using a weak password was hacked, and/or you exchanged email with someone else on a free email service that was hacked, and/or . . . that anyone else who exchanged email with anyone with whom YOU exchanged email was hacked.

Think about how hard that would be to prevent . . . other than no one using free email services with weak passwords, that is, but way too many people are doing just that all the time. Are you really going to avoid all of them . . . and all of their friends, and all of their friends' friends . . . and so on, and so forth?

We may be subjecting this lesbotronic email address to yet another spam/email virus list just by emailing YOU, since you seem affected. However, we're not going to worry about it, 'cause we're not extremely worried about getting spam, and again, all the stuff we said already about it being difficult to avoid. You'd probably spend more time and energy worrying about it then you would simply deleting your spam.

OR, if you wanted to get REALLY AND TRULY SERIOUS about spam, you could get a totally virgin email address, use a really strong password, then only share your totally virgin email address with legitimate websites that have been around for a long time and have a publicly posted privacy policy that clearly states they will NOT share your email address with anyone else (like lesbotronic), AND/OR friends that NEVER use popular free email services AND completely avoid exchanging email with those who do.

If you successfully managed that, you would probably avoid spam entirely.

But that's not the way most people use email.

Many people use the free email services because they're convenient, some use weak passwords because (well, we won't speculate because we don't want to be rude), and then some subsequently exclaim that they just can't imagine how they got all that spam, and perhaps it's all really the fault of some folks somewhere who run a legitimate website who somehow did something very very bad and very very wrong with their email address, even though those folks that run that legitimate website sincerely promised they wouldn't in their publicly posted privacy policy?


The vast majority of spam these days is due to:

- popular free email services with easily hackable interfaces

- use of weak passwords by those using those popular free email services

- evil hacker spammers who easily exploit the combination of the first 2 things"

. . .

(And then happily, she did get it.)

. . .

Sooo . . . if you didn't already extrapolate from above, there actually IS a way that YOU could use lesbotronic to get yourself some more spam. There is.

But this is nothing WE would be doing to YOU, it's something you'd be doing all by yourself using our site. Our only role in it would be that we'd fail to prevent you from doing that thing.

And this thing, this thing you could potentially do to get yourself some more spam, this thing that is actually also true of any website out there that you could sign up for that also allows its members to send each other messages privately? Not just this one? Any website with that feature?

. . .

(Have you guessed what it is yet?)

. . .

The thing that YOU could do VIA lesbotronic to get yourself some more spam is privately message other members YOUR email address. If that other member YOU shared your email address with decides to use your email address rather than this site to send you messages, AND that other member's email account has already been hacked with an email worm/address book worm, then now spammers will get your email address TOO.

Yup. Sorry, but that's how that works.

And then, on the off chance you didn't already, please notice that this would be nothing that lesbotronic actually did with your email address. You would have done it all by yourself.

Should you care about this at all?

We can't say, because that's entirely up to you and your feelings regarding spam.

But if you are extremely sensitive to spam and are determined to protect an email address from it, you should know that the more people you share that email address with (especially those using free email accounts), the more likely you are to get spam. That's including but not limited to other members of this site.

Meanwhile, you should also know that it actually is entirely possible to form new relationships with other members of lesbotronic WITHOUT sharing your email address with any of them.

How? Well, you could start with private messages and community conversations.

Then if that goes really well, you could share an actual telephone number via a private message, then move to a live telephone call. We do recommend a live phone conversation before meeting in person in our advice area.

Then after one or more live phone conversations that go well, meet in a public place.

Then if that goes well, whatever else continuing "in real life" from there.

It's absolutely NOT required that you exchange email with any other members, even those you want to meet in person.

So if you are extremely sensitive to the possibility of getting more spam, that's exactly what we'd recommend, NOT exchanging email with any other member.

(But either way, the choice and the potential spammy consequences are all up to you, not lesbotronic.)

Cheers, thanks a lot!


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We can't guarantee the accuracy of the information provided, endorse or recommend any member, or accept responsibility or liability for any events arising from the use of this service.

The service that we provide and the information within is certainly intended to enhance your social life.

However, lesbotronic is not and cannot be your chaperone, your nanny, or your personal security guard.

As with most things in the lives of adults, the ultimate decision about what to do and with whom is up to YOU.

Please conduct yourself with normal caution and good common sense, in this and in the rest of your endeavors.

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